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Frequently Asked Questions as You Prepare for Your First Zumba Gold Class

Congratulations!   At the Gold level, you will enjoy all the benefits of Zumba - moving to fun Latin & International music, controlling weight, improving cardio, balance, coordination, and muscle tone – but at a slightly more moderate pace that is easier to follow.

 If you would like greater challenge it is easily achieved by pumping up your workout – reach higher, squat lower, double-time moves, wear wrist weights, etc.  Conversely, if you are just beginning or returning to exercise, have physical limitations, or are recovering from an injury, etc., please modify your moves.  You are in control of your own workout!  The goal is to get moving at your own pace and to have fun!  

  •       Please wear comfortable, dance/exercise type clothing in layers that can be adjusted as you warm up/cool down, and shoes that allow multi-directional movement such as cross trainers (without too much tread), tennis, or dance sneakers - not running or walking shoes which only emphasize forward movement.

  •       A water bottle is recommended for hydration as not every facility has convenient water fountains.

  •       Please complete a waiver when you check in for your first class, and make me aware of any significant medical issues. For subsequent classes, remember to sign the attendance sheet where you can also indicate if you have paid, are using a makeup, etc. (Note: Those who prepay and obtain a monthly discount are allowed one (1) makeup within a month of the absence.

  •     Primary communication of announcements, schedule changes, weather cancellations,etc. will be via Email.  Kindly provide an accurate email.  It will be kept private and only used for class updates as indicated. If you do not have internet access, please alert me so that I can endeavor to phone you.

  •      Weather Policy (updated January 2015):
           If weather is an issue, please check this website and/or your email approximately one hour before class.  The American Legion, The Moving Co. Dance studio, and St. Thomas Episcopal are not subject to Baltimore County school policies, so we are free to make a common sense decision. In general, we will attempt to keep classes open unless outweighed by extremely serious safety concerns. In practice this usually means that our 11 a.m. classes will be open even if there were 1 or 2 hour school delays earlier that morning. If schools are closed for the day, then we are more likely to be closed, but there are exceptions, so if in doubt, please check your email or call Betsy! Likewise, Evening Zumba classes are not necessarily cancelled if Baltimore County schools cancel afternoon/evening activities at the threat of a storm or snowflake! Please use your best judgment, but try to avoid using weather as an excuse not to exercise :-)

  •       Please try to attend class regularly!  Consistent participation is necessary to achieving the body and soul benefits that you desire. And when we all sweat and shimmy together it feels more like a party, builds a sense of community, and is just more fun!

  •         We like to introduce one or two new songs each session to keep things fresh (especially for those who have attended in previous months), but familiar enough that you can put your energy into the workout rather than trying to learn entirely new routines.

  •         YES, for maximum benefit it is advisable to Zumba 2+ times per week!  If you would like to take an additional class, I run several classes at various locations, and also welcome suggestions for new classes/times/locations.  You are invited to drop in anytime! Please click the CLASS tab or contact me for the current schedule and price.  You can also request to be added to my Zumba email list for brief updates about four times a month.                                

Zumba Best,

Betsy Honbarrier Pfund, Certified Zumba Gold Instructor         



  • Zumba® Basic 1Zumba® Basic 1
    Licensed to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba Gold®Zumba Gold®
    Licensed to teach Zumba Gold®.
  • Zumba in CircuitZumba in Circuit
    Licensed to teach Zumba® in the Circuit classes.